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2016 | Volume 20 | No. 1
  • Obituary of Paul Spencer (1932–2015)
    Author: Waller, Richard
  • Editorial
    Authors: Krätli, Saverio; Sułek, Emilia Ròża
Research Articles
  • Representing Wealth in a Changing Pastoral Economy: A Comparison of Traditional and New Metrics in Maasailand, Kenya
    Author: BurnSilver, Shauna
  • Mobile Phones for Mobile People: The Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) among Livestock Traders and Borana Pastoralists of Southern Ethiopia
    Authors: Debsu, Dejene Negassa; Little, Peter D.; Tiki, Waktole; Guagliardo, Sarah Anne J.; Kitron, Uriel
  • Herders' Territorialities and Social Differentiation in Western Burkina Faso
    Authors: Gonin, Alexis; Gautier, Denis
  • Higher Education Among Bedouin of the Negev: Tel Sheva as a Case Study
    Authors: El-Meccawi, Shaher; Degen, A. Allan
Research Articles
  • Role of Tibetan Women in Carbon Balance in the Alpine Grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau. A Review
    Authors: Shang, Zhanhuan; White, Andrew; Degen, A. Allan; Long, Ruijun
Research Reports
  • Moving in and out of Poverty: A Case of the Somali and Turkana of Northern Kenya
    Authors: Watete, Patrick Wekondi; Makau, Wambui Kogi; Njoka, Jesse Theuri; MacOpiyo, Laban Adero; Wasonga, Oliver Vivian
Book Reviews
  • Review of Reclaiming the Forest. The Ewenki Reindeer Herders of Aoluguya by Åshild Kolås and Yuanyuan Xie (eds)
    Reviewed by: Nadezhda, Mamontova
  • Review of Laibon: An Anthropologist's Journey with Samburu Diviners in Kenya by Elliot Fratkin
    Reviewed by: Hodgson, Dorothy L.
  • Review of The Art and Science of Shepherding. Tapping the Wisdom of French Herders by Michel Meuret and Fred Provenza (eds)
    Reviewed by: Swift, Jeremy; Nori, Michele; Krätli, Saverio
  • Review of Nomads as Agents of Cultural Change: The Mongols and Their Eurasian Predecessors by Reuven Amitai and Michal Biran (eds)
    Reviewed by: Hahn, Allison
2015 | Volume 19 | No. 2
  • Authors: Bauer, Kenneth; Gyal, Huatse
  • Transforming inequality: Eastern Tibetan pastoralists from 1955 to the present
    Author: Levine, Nancy E.
  • Migration for ecological preservation? Tibetan herders' decision making process in the eco-migration policy of Golok Tibetan autonomous prefecture (Qinghai province, PRC)
    Author: Bessho, Yusuke
  • New homes, new lives - the social and economic effects of resettlement on Tibetan nomads (Yushu prefecture, Qinghai province, PRC)
    Author: Bauer, Kenneth
  • Hor - a sedentarisation success for Tibetan pastoralists in Qinghai?
    Author: Ptackova, Jarmila
  • The politics of standardising and subordinating subjects: the nomadic settlement project in Tibetan areas of Amdo
    Author: Gyal, Huatse
  • Housing projects in the nomadic areas of China's eastern Tibetan plateau: representation, market logic, and governmentality
    Author: (Kabzung), Gaerrang
  • Local experiences and contested meanings of the Chinese 'grain for green' land conversion programme in an agro-pastoralist Tibetan community
    Author: Woodhouse, Emily
  • Pha Yul: an analysis of grassland management policies in Amdo-Qinghai
    Author: Cencetti, Elisa
  • Infrastructure development and urbanisation in pastoralist Amdo (a research report)
    Author: Iselin, Lilian
Book Reviews
  • Review of Le pastoralisme en Haute-Asie: la raison nomade dans l'étau des modernisations [Pastoralism in High Asia: the nomadic rationale in the grip of modernisation]by Joseph Bonnemaire and Corneille Jest (eds).
    Reviewed by: Tichit, Muriel
  • Review of Nomads in the Shadows of Empires. Contests, Conflicts and Legacies on the Southern Ethiopian-Northern Kenya Frontierby Gufu Oba
    Reviewed by: Kassam, Aneesa
  • Review of Pastoral Practices in High Asia. Agency of 'Development' Effected by Modernisation, Resettlement and Transformationby Hermann Kreutzmann (ed.)
    Reviewed by: Finke, Peter
  • Review of Ecological Resettlement in the Sanjiangyuan of Qinghaiby Fachun Du
    Reviewed by: Li, Li
2015 | Volume 19 | No. 1
  • Obituary of Paul T.W. Baxter (1925-2014): Tribute to an Engaged Anthropologist
    Author: Aneesa Kassam
  • Author: Saverio Krätli
  • Who is Making Airag (Fermented Mare's Milk)? A Nationwide Survey of Traditional Food in Mongolia
    Authors: Tserenpurev Bat-Oyun, Baasandai Erdenetsetseg, Masato Shinoda, Takahiro Ozaki, and Yuki Morinaga
  • Caring for livestock. Borana women's perceptions of their changing role in livestock management in southern Ethiopia
    Authors: Marie-Luise Hertkorn, Hassan Roba, Brigitte Kaufmann
  • A Holistic Society Examined by Gender-Based Analysis, Focusing on a Wodaabe Family in East-Central Niger
    Author: Fabienne Desray
  • 'Real Bedouin Words': Orality, Moral Authority, and Bedouin Women's Poetry in Contemporary Jordan
    Author: Maria Seeley
  • Demolitions and Amendments: Coping with Cultural Recognition and Its Denial in Southern Israel
    Author: Emily McKee
  • Using Geospatial Analysis to Assess the Influence of Land-Use Change and Conservation on Pastoralist Access to Drought Resources
    Author: Brian W. Miller
Book Reviews
  • Review of Islam and Ethnicity in Northern Kenya & Southern Ethiopia by Günther Schlee with Abdullahi A. Shongolo
    Reviewed by: John G. Galaty
  • Review of A History of Land Use in Mongolia: The Thirteenth Century to the Present by Elizabeth Endicott
    Reviewed by: Kenneth Bauer
2014 | Volume 18 | No. 2
  • Author: Dawn Chatty
  • In Memory of I. M. Lewis
    Author: Jan Monteverde Haakonsen
  • Reshaping Tribal Identities in the contemporary Arab World: Politics, (Self-)Representation, and the Construction of Bedouin History
    Author: Laila Prager
  • The Persistence of Bedouin Identity and Increasing Political Self-Representation in Lebanon and Syria
    Author: Dawn Chatty
  • Producing (Tribal) History: Gendered Representations of Genealogy and Warfare in Northern Syria
    Author: Katharina Lange
  • Bedouinity on Stage. The Rise of The Bedouin Soap Opera (Musalsal Badawi) in Arab Television
    Author: Laila Prager
  • Changing Performance Traditions and Bedouin Identity in the North Badiya, Jordan
    Author: Kathleen Hood and Mohammad Al-Oun
  • The New Rise of Tribalism in Saudi Arabia
    Author: Sebastian Maisel
  • Bedouin Place Names in the Eastern Desert of Egypt
    Author: Joseph J. Hobbs
  • Bedouins' politics of place and memory: a case of unrecognised villages in the Negev
    Author: Bogumila Hall
Book Reviews
  • Fertile Bonds: Bedouin Class, Kinship, and Gender in the Bekaa Valley, by Suzanne E. Joseph
    Reviewed by: Dawn Chatty
  • Pastoralism and Politics in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia, by Günther Schlee and Abdullahi Shongolo
    Reviewed by: Elliot Fratkin
  • Pastoralism in Africa: Past, Present, and Future, edited by Michael Bollig, Michael Schnegg and Hans-Peter Wotzka
    Reviewed by: Mark Moritz
2014 | Volume 18 | No. 1
  • Author: Dawn Chatty
  • Obituary of Pierre Bonte (1942-2013) with a Select Bibliography of his Major Works
    Authors: Barbara Casciarri, John G. Galaty
  • Translocal Practices on the Tibetan Plateau: Motorised Mobility of Pastoralists and Spatial Transformations
    Author: Lilian Iselin
  • Ambiguities of Space and Control: When Refugee Camp and Nomadic Encampment Meet
    Author: Alice Wilson
  • 'They Talk to Us but Never Listen to Us': Development-Induced Displacement among Syria's Bedouin
    Author: Haian Dukhan
  • 'Unused' Land and Unfulfilled Promises: Justifications for Displacing Communities in East Africa
    Author: Collins Odote
  • Ethiopia's Pastoralist Policies: Development, Displacement and Resettlement
    Author: Elliot Fratkin
  • Cattle Reduction and Livestock Diversification among Borana Pastoralists in Southern Ethiopia
    Authors: Did Boru, Moshe Schwartz, Michael Kam, A. Allan Degen
Book Reviews
  • Pastoralist Landscapes and Social Interaction in Bronze Age Eurasia, by Michael D. Frachetti
    Reviewed by: Alison Betts
  • Making a Living in Uncertainty: Agro-Pastoral Livelihoods and Institutional Transformations in Post-Socialist Rural Kyrgyzstan, by B. Steimann
    Reviewed by: Henri Rueff and Inam Rahim
  • Change in Democratic Mongolia: Social Relations, Health, Mobile Pastoralism, and Mining, edited by Julian Dierkes
    Reviewed by: Jeremy Swift
2013 | Volume 17 | No. 2
  • Professor Jeremy J. Swift: Outstanding Contributor to the Study of Nomadic Pastoral Societies, Past and Present, and Recipient of the IUAES Commission on Nomadic Peoples Lifetime Achievement Award
    Author: Kathleen A. Galvin
  • Author: Saverio Krätli
Position Paper
  • Why States Still Destroy Pastoralism and How They Can Learn That in Their Own Interest They Should Not
    Author: Günther Schlee
  • The Collapsing Platform for Pastoralism: Land Sales and Land Loss in Kajiado County, Kenya
    Authors: John G. Galaty
  • Nature = Life: Environmental Identity as Resistance in South Sinai
    Authors: Hilary Gilbert
  • Territoriality Through Migration: Cases Among the Tubu Teda Guna (Niger)
    Authors: Tilman Musch
  • The Roles of Overgrazing, Climate Change and Policy As Drivers of Degradation of China's Grasslands
    Authors: Jianjun Cao, Emily T. Yeh, Nicholas M. Holden, Yanyan Qin, Zhengwei Ren
Book Reviews
  • Les Bergers du Fort Noir: Nomades du Ladakh (Himalaya Occidental), by Pascale Dollfus (2012)
    Reviewed by: Elise Cencetti
  • Economic Spaces of Pastoral Production and Commodity Systems: Markets and Livelihoods, edited by Jörg Gertel and Richard Le Heron (2011)
    Reviewed by: Emilia Róza Sułek
2013 | Volume 17 | No. 1
Special Issue: Securing the Land and Resource Rights of Pastoral Peoples in East Africa
  • Guest Editor: Patricia Kameri-Mbote
  • Author: Patricia Kameri-Mbote
  • Mobility, Marginality and Tenure Transformation in Kenya: Explorations of Community Property Rights in Law and Practice
    Authors: Celestine Nyamu Musembi and Patricia Kameri-Mbote
  • Tenure in Mystery: The Status of Land under Wildlife, Forestry and Mining Concessions in Karamoja Region, Uganda
    Authors: Margaret A. Rugadya and Herbert Kamusiime
  • Socioeconomic and Ecological Viability of Pastoralism in Loitokitok District, Southern Kenya
    Authors: Simon K. Ole Seno and Salaton Tome
  • The Dawn of Uhuru? Implications of Constitutional Recognition of Communal Land Rights in Pastoral Areas of Kenya
    Authors: Collins Odote
CNP Prize 2012
  • A Society in Motion: The Tuareg from the Pre-Colonial Era to Today
    Authors: Andrew Alesbury
Research Reports
  • Réflexion sur l’évolution de la mobilité des pasteurs nomades au Tchad: sédentarisation ou transhumance?
    Authors: Serge Aubague and Patrice Grimaud
  • Report on Health Provision to Nomads: Improving Medical Staffing at Haima Hospital, Jiddat-il-Harasiis, Oman
    Authors: Miranda Mylne, H. Thomas de Burgh and Dawn Chatty
Book Reviews
  • Ours by Right: Law, Politics and Realities of Community Property in Kenya, by P. Kameri-Mbote, C. Odote, C. Musembi and M. Kamande
    Reviewed by: Robert Kibugi
  • Pastoralism and Development in Africa: Dynamic Change at the Margins, edited by A. Catley, J. Lind and I. Scoones
    Reviewed by: Vigdis Broch-Due
Policy Review
  • The ASAL Policy of Kenya: Releasing the Full Potential of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands – An Analytical Review
    Authors: Michael Ochieng Odhiambo
2012 | Volume 16 | No. 2
  • Editorial
    Author: Saverio Krätli
  • Editorial
    Author: Dawn Chatty
  • La Mobilité Commerciale du Bétail entre le Sahel et les pays Côtiers: L'avenir du Convoyage à Pied
    Authors: Christian Corniaux, Brigitte Thébaud and Denis Gautier
  • Mobility, Market Exchange and Livelihood Transition: Fulbe Flexibility in Tanout, Niger
    Author: Karen Greenough
  • Meaningful Learning for Resilience-Building Among Mongolian Pastoralists
    Authors: Batkhishig Baival, and María E. Fernández-Giménez
  • Land Rights and Nomadic Peoples: Using International Law at the Local Level
    Author: Jérémie Gilbert
  • The Whakatane Mechanism: Promoting Justice in Protected Areas
    Authors: Emmanuel Freudenthal, Maurizio Farhan, Ferrari, Justin Kenrick, and Adrian Mylne
  • Dana Declaration +10 Workshop Report 11-13 April 2012, Wadi Dana, Jordan
    Author: Dawn Chatty
  • Resettlement as Development and Progress? Eight Years On: Review of Emerging Social and Development Impacts of an 'Ecological Resettlement' Project in Tibet Autonomous Region, China
    Authors: Gongbo Tashi, Marc Foggin
Book Review
  • Growing up in a Pastoral Society: Socialisation among Pashtu Nomads in Western Afghanistan
    Reviewed by Caroline Dyer
2012 | Volume 16 | No. 1
  • Obituary for Don Bedunah (1952-2012)
    Author: Daniel Miller
  • Preface
    Author: Fachun Du
Abbreviations and Chinese Terms
  • Abbreviations and Chinese Terms
  • A Case of 'Over-Cropping': Causes and Consequences of Qing Dynasty Approval to Plough and Plant the Inner Mongolian Grasslands
    Authors: Xiaoming Geng, Guorong Gao
  • Land Tenure Change and Sustainable Management of Alpine Grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau: A Case from Hongyuan County, Sichuan Province, China
    Author: Jin Li
  • Swinging Between Nomadism and Sedentarism: A Case Study of Social and Environmental Change in the Nomadic Society of the Altay Steppes, Xinjiang
    Author: Yenhu Tsui
  • Climate Variability, Change of Land Use and Vulnerability in Pastoral Society: A Case from Inner Mongolia
    Authors: Xiaoyi Wang, Qian Zhang
  • The Dilemma of Conserving Rangeland by Means of Development: Exploring Ecological Resettlement in a Pastoral Township of Inner Mongolia
    Author: Qian Zhang
  • Ecological Resettlement of Tibetan Herders in the Sanjiangyuan: A Case Study in Madoi County of Qinghai
    Author: Fachun Du
  • Resettlement as Development and Progress? Eight Years On: Review of Emerging Social and Development Impacts of an 'Ecological Resettlement' Project in Tibet Autonomous Region, China
    Authors: Gongbo Tashi, Marc Foggin
Book Reviews
  • Restoring Community Connections to the Land: Building Resilience through Community-based Rangeland Management in China and Mongolia
    Reviewed by Jeremy Swift
2012 | Volume 15 | No. 2
  • ‘This is not our life, it’s just a copy of other people’s’: Bedu and the Price of ‘Development’ in South Sinai
    Author: Hilary Gilbert
  • Evolution of the ‘Modern’ Transitory Shelter and Unrecognized Settlements of the Negev Bedouin
    Authors: Isaac A. Meir and Ilan Stavi
  • Will the 2010 ‘Code Pastoral’ Help Herders in Central Niger? Land Rights and Land Use Strategies in the Grasslands of Abalak and Dakoro Departments
    Author: Clare Oxby
  • Livestock Inheritance and Education: Attitudes and Decision Making among Samburu Pastoralists
    Authors: Carolyn Lesorogol, Gina Chowa and David Ansong
  • Politics of Scale in a High Mountain Border Region: Being Mobile among the Bhotiyas of the Kumaon Himalaya, India
    Authors: Christoph Bergmann, Martin Gerwin, William S. Sax and Marcus Nüsser
Short Reports
  • The 2011 Swedish Supreme Court Ruling: A Turning Point for Saami Rights
    Authors: Anett Sasvari and Hugh Beach
  • Tuareg Society within a Globalized World: Saharan Life in Transition
    Edited by A. Fischer and I. Kohl, reviewed by Jeremy Swift
2012 | Volume 15 | No. 1
  • Preface
    Authors: Johann Büssow, David Durand-Guédy and Jürgen Paul.
  • The Bedouin in History or Bedouin History?
    Author: Kurt Franz
  • Land Use Negotiation in Eastern Morocco
    Authors: David Kreuer
  • Negotiating the Future of a Bedouin Polity in Mandatory Syria: Political Dynamics of the Sba'a-'Abada During the 1930s
    Author: Johann Büssow
  • The Hsana's Revenge: Syrian Tribes and Politics in their Shaykh's Story
    Author: Thorsten Schoel
  • Being in the Frontline of a Sámi Culture and a Private Business: Cross-Border Reindeer Herding in Northern Norway and Sweden
    Author: Peter Koch and Judith Miggelbrink
Book Reviews
  • Die Syrische Steppe: Mobile Viehzucht, internationale Entwicklungshilfe und globale Märkte
    Author: Stefan Winter
  • Cotton, Climate, and Camels in Early Islamic Iran: A Moment in World History
    Author: Daniel Zakrzewski
  • Pastoralism. Indigenous Affairs 3-4
    Author: Maria Hahnekamp
2011 | Volume 14 | No. 2
  • Anatoly Khazanov. Outstanding Contributor to the Study of Nomadic Pastoral Societies, Past and Present: Recipient of the Iuaes Commission on Nomadic Peoples Lifetime Achievement Award
    Authors: Galvin, Kathleen A.
  • Karamoja with the Rest of ‘the Rest of Uganda’
    Author: Krätli, Saverio
  • 'We are Now Reduced to Women': Impacts of Forced Disarmament in Karamoja, Uganda
    Authors: Stites, Elizabeth and Akabwai, Darlington
  • ‘Someone Dies in Your Lap’: Structural, Ecological and Political Effects on Child and Maternal Health Care Decisions, Moroto District, Uganda, 2004
    Author: Gray, Sandra
  • Nowhere to Go: Karimojong Displacement and Forced Resettlement
    Author: Sundal, Mary B.
  • Complexities of Livestock Raiding in Karamoja
    Author: Agade, Kennedy Mkutu
  • The Rise of the ‘traider’: the Commercialization of Raiding in Karamoja
    Author: Eaton, Dave
  • ‘Disarmament’: the End or Fulfillment of Cattle Raiding?
    Author: Knighton, Ben
Research Report
  • An Unromantic Look at Pastoralism in Karamoja: How Hard-hearted Economics Shows That Pastoral Systems Remain the Solution, and Not the Problem
    Author: Levine, Simon
Book Reviews
  • Book Reviews
    Author: Morton, John
  • A Comment on the 'policy Framework for Pastoralism in Africa' Adopted by the African Union in January 2011
    Author: Schlee, Günther
  • A Review of Kaori Kawai's Works on Dodoth and Raiding
    Author: Hazama, Itsuhiro
2010 | Volume 14 | No. 1
  • Mountain Pastoralism 1500-2000: An Introduction
    Authors: Krätli, Saverio
  • Why Should Governmentality Matter for the Study of Pastoral Development?
    Author: Morton, John
  • The Right to Health of Nomadic Groups
    Author: Marchi, Paolo
  • Contradictory Evidence as a Guide for Future Research: Investigating the Relationship Between Pastoral Labour and Production
    Author: Næss, Marius Warg
  • Unravelling Mongolia's Extreme Winter Disaster of 2010
    Author: Sternberg, Troy
  • Automatic Rifles and Social Order Amongst the Daasanach of Conflictridden East Africa
    Author: Sagawa, Toru
  • An Ecosystem Approach to HIV-1/AIDS: Local Knowledge on Contracting and Transmitting the Disease Amongst the Turkana of Lodwar Township (Kenya)
    Author: Owiti, John Arianda
Book Reviews
  • Nomads: Living in the Wilderness of Africa. Vol 2: Pastoralists in the Drylands of Africa
    Author: Hazama, Itsuhiro
2010 | Volume 13 | No. 2
Mountain Pastoralism 1500–2000: An Introduction
  • Mountain Pastoralism 1500-2000: An Introduction
    Authors: Montero, Raquel Gil; Mathieu, Jon; Singh, Chetan
Latin America
  • Pastoralism and the Non-Pastoral World in the Late Pre-Columbian History of the Southern Andes (1000-1535)
    Author: Nielsen, Axel E.
  • Mountain Pastoralism in the Andes during Colonial Times
    Author: Montero, Raquel Gil
  • Mountain Pastoralism and Spatial Mobility in the South-Peruvian Andes in the Age of State Formation (1880-1969 and beyond)
    Authors: Sendón, Pablo F.
  • Pastoralism and the Making of Colonial Modernity in Kulu, 1850-1952
    Author: Singh, Chetan
  • The Lost Mobility: Pastoralism and Modernity in Uttarakhand Himalaya (India)
    Author: Dangwal, Dhirendra Datt
  • Transformations of High Mountain Pastoral Strategies in the Pamirian Knot
    Author: Kreutzmann, Hermann
  • The Demise of European Mountain Pastoralism: Spain 1500-2000
    Author: Collantes, Fernando
  • The Transformation of the Alpine Economy in the Fourteenth to Eighteenth Centuries: Harvesting 'Wild Hay' in the High Mountains
    Author: Blatter, Michael
  • When the Mountain Serves the City: The Production of Cheese and Wool in Eighteenth-Century Bresciano (Italian Alps)
    Author: Mocarelli, Luca
2010 | Volume 13 | No. 1

Pastoralists under Pressure in Present-Day Sudan
Guest edited by Barbara Casciarri and Abdel Ghaffar Ahmed

  • Pastoralists under Pressure in Present-Day Sudan: An Introduction Barbara Casciarri and Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed
  • Conflict Management and Resolution among Beja Pastoralists: Elements and Procedures of the (Salif) Customary Law Hassan Abdel Ati
  • Transformed Livelihoods in the Lower Atbara Area: Pastoral Rashâyda Responses To Crisis Sandra Calkins
  • Between Market Logic and Communal Practices: Pastoral Nomad Groups and Globalization in Contemporary Sudan (Case Studies from Central and Western Sudan) Barbara Casciarri
  • The Funj Region Pastoral Fulbe: From ‘Exit’ to ‘Voice’ Elhadi Ibrahim Osman
  • Transforming Pastoralism: A Case Study of the Rufa’a Al-Hoi Ethnic Group in the Blue Nile State of Sudan Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed
  • Pastoral Land Rights and Peace-Building in North Kordofan: Policy and Legislative Challenges Mustafa Babiker
  • The Relationship between Nomadic and Sedentary People in Sudan in the Context of State Policies and Internationalization Munzoul Assal
Short Reports and Notices
  • Difference and Integration: Research Centre on Nomadic Peoples in Germany Jörg Gertel
  • Study to Assess Factors Contributing to Conflict among Pastoralists, Agro-Pastoralists and Sedentary Farmers Abdalbasit Saeed
  • Sudan Productive Capacity Recovery Programme – Model Projects Livestock Routes in Blue Nile State,Mohamed Abusas Ahmed assisted by Steve Hind
  • Book Presentation: Pastoral Sudan – Disrupted Territories
2008/09 | Volume 12 | No. 2

Special Issue: Movement and Settlement among Mongolian

Herders in China and Mongolia
  • Preface
    Carol Kerven and Don Bedunah
  • Pastoral Nomad Rights in Inner Mongolia
    Wu Zhizhong and Du Wen
  • Why do Herders Insist On Otor? Maintaining Mobility in Inner Mongolia Yina Xie and Wenjun Li
  • Effects of Different Grazing on the Typical Steppe Vegetation Characteristics on the Mongolian Plateau
    Bao Xiuxia, Yi Jin, Liu Shurun, Gaowa, Jimuse, Wureqimuge, Jigejidesuren, Budebateer, Wang Puchang and Lian Yong
  • How Pastoralists in Mongolia Perceive Vegetation Changes Caused by Grazing
    Kaoru Kakinuma, Takahiro Ozaki, Seiki Takatsuki and Jonjin Chuluun
  • Between Cash Cows and Golden Calves: Adaptations of Mongolian Pastoralism in the ‘Age of the Market’
    Andrei Marin
  • The Relevance of Owen Lattimore’s Writings for Nomadic Pastoralism Research and Development in Inner Asia
    Daniel Miller and Dennis Sheehy
  • Gazing at the Cradle of the Dust Storm: A Photo Story of Humans and the Environment in Alxa [Inner Mongolia]
    Kenneth M. Bauer
  • Wildlife Conservation in China: Preserving the Habitat of China’s Wild West
    Ted Callahan
2008/09 | Volume 12 | No. 1

Edited by: Carol Kerven

  • Editorial
    Kerven, Carol
  • Cattle Breeding, Complexity and Mobility in a Structurally Unpredictable Environment: The WoDaaBe Herders of Niger
    Krätli, Saverio
  • Commentary on the Paper by Saverio Krätli: 'Cattle Breeding, Complexity and Mobility in a Structurally Unpredictable Environment: The WoDaaBe Herders of Niger'
    Thomson, Euan
  • The Economic Contribution of Pastoralism: Case Studies from the Horn of Africa and Southern Africa
    Behnke, Roy H.
  • From Cattle to Goats: The Transformation of East Pokot Pastoralism in Kenya
    Österle, Matthias
  • Risk Perception and Coping Strategies among the Karrayu Pastoralists of Upper Awash Valley, Central Ethiopia
    Getachew, Girum; Tolossa, Degefa; Gebru, Getachew
  • Indigenous Conflict Management and Resolution Mechanisms on Rangelands in Somali Regional State, Ethiopia
    Bouh, Ahmed Mohammed; Mammo, Yared
  • Mobility Patterns of Livestock Keepers in Semi-Arid Communal Rangelands of Namaqualand, South Africa
    Samuels, M. Igshaan; Allsopp, Nicky; Hoffman, Timm
  • The Modern Sociocultural Significance of the Jordanian Bedouin Tent
    Na'amneh, Mahmoud; Shunnaq, Mohammed; Tasbasi, Aysegul
  • Multi-stakeholder Forums for Co-management of Pastoralism in Niger
    Sommerhalter, Thomas
2007 | Volume 11 | No. 2

Edited by:Carol Kerven

  • Preface
    Kerven, Carol
  • Schooling and the Encouragement of Farming Amongst Pastoralists in Tanzania
    Bishop, Elizabeth
  • Livelihood Choices and Returns Among Pastoralists: Evidence from Southern Kenya
    Radeny, Maren; Nkedianye, David; Kristjanson, Patricia; Herrero, Mario
  • Transhumant Pastoralism in Yak Production in the Lower Mustang District of Nepal
    Degen, Allan A.; Kam, Michael; Pandey, Shambhu B.; Upreti, Chet R.; Pandey, Sanjeev; Regmi, Prajwal
  • The Economics of Pastoralism: Study on Current Practices in South America
    Westreicher, Carlos Andaluz; Mérega, Juan Luis; Palmili, Gabriel
  • Making Pastoral Settlement Visible in China
    Zukosky, Michael L.
  • Annotated Bibliography on South American Pastoralism
    Westreicher, Carlos Andaluz; Mérega, Juan Luis; Palmili, Gabriel
2007 | Volume 11 | No. 1

Edited by:Carol Kerven

  • Editorial
    Kerven, Carol
  • Afghanistan's Kuchi Pastoralists:Change and Adaptation
    de Weijer, Frauke
  • The Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir Ride On
    Callahan, Ted
  • The Role of the Architecture in Society: Structuring of the Family Unit Among Moorish Pastoral
    Boulay, Sebastien
  • Pastoral Economics and Marketing in North Africa: - Literature Review
    Dutilly-Diane, Celine
  • The Economics of Mobile Pastoralism:Global Summary
    Davies, Jonathan; Hatfield, Richard
  • Mobility, Flexibility and Potential of Nomadic Pastoralism in Eurasia and Africa
    Bauer, Ken
2006 | Volume 10 | No. 2

Special Issue: Humans and Reindeer on the Move
Edited by:Florian Stammler & Hugh Beach

  • Preface:
    Florian Stammler & Hugh Beach
  • Human-Animal Relations in Pastoralism:
    Hugh Beach & Florian Stammler
  • Reindeer Herding in Transition: Historical and Modern Day Challenges for Alaskan Reindeer Herders
    Greg L Finstad, Knut K, Kielland and William S Schneider
  • 'The Last Kulak' and Other Stories of Post-Privatisation Life in Chukotka's Tundra
    Patty A Gray
  • Hunter-Herder Continuum in Anabarski District, NW Sakha, Siberia, Russian Federation
    Aimar Ventsel
  • Is Siberian Reindeer Herding in Crisis? Living with Reindeer Fifteen Years after the End of State Socialism
    David G Anderson
  • The Social Movement of Meat in Taimyr, Northern Russia
    John P Ziker
  • Experience, Movement and Mobility: Komi Reindeer Herders' Perception of the Environment
    Joachim Otto Habeck
  • Mobility and Technology: Understanding the Vulnerability of Two Groups of Nomadic Pastoralists to Reindeer Losses
    Mark James Dwyer & Kirill Vladimirovich Istomin
  • The Preformative Machine: Transfer of Ownership in a Northwest Russian Reindeer Herding Community (Kola Peninsula)
    Yulian Konstantinove & Vladislava Vladimirova
  • Neo-Entrepreneurship as an Adaptation Model of Reindeer Herding in Finland
    Hannu Heikkinen
  • Confined and Sustainable? A Critique of Recent Pastoral Policy for Reindeer Herding in Finnmark, Northern Norway
    Andrei F Marin
  • Conversations with Ole K Sara, Retired Head of The Reindeer Administration in Norway
    Robert Paine
2006 | Volume 10 | No. 1
  • Editorial
    Kerven, Carol
  • "Milking Drylands: The Marketing of Camel Milk in North-East Somalia"
    Nori, Michele; Kenyanjui, MathhewB.; Yusuf, Mohammed Ahmed; Mohammed, Fadhumo Hussein
  • Capitalisation, Commoditisation and Obligation Among Ethiopia's Afar Pastoralists
    Davies, Jonathan
  • Flock Use Among Bedouin in 'Spontaneous" Settlements in the Negev Desert, Southern Israel
    Stavi, Ilan; Kressel, Gideon; Gutterman, Yitzchal; Degen, A. Allan
  • Ethnic Business Entrepreneurship Among Urbanising Bedouin in the Negev, Israel
    Meir, Avinoam; Basking, Ayelet
  • Camel Husbandry Among Pastoralists in Darfur, Western Sudan
    Musa, H.H.; Shuiep, E.S.; El Zubier, Ibtisam E.M.
  • Mobile Peoples Participation at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 15-26 May, 2006
2005 | Volume 09 | Nos. 1 & 2

Double issue 9.1/9.2
Special Issue: Pastoralists in Post-Socialist Asia

  • Editorial
  • Green Governmentality and Pastoralism in Western China: ‘Converting Pastures to Grasslands’
    Emily T. Yeh
  • A Review of Rangeland Privatisation and Its Implications in the Tibetan Plateau , China
    Yan Zhaoli, Wu Ning, Yeshi Dorji and Ru Jia
  • Development and the Enclosure Movement in Pastoral Tibet Since the 1980s
    Ken Bauer
  • Segmentation Within the State: The Reconfiguration of Tibetan Tribes in China ’s Reform Period Fernanda Pirie
  • Developing Alternatives to Resettlement for Pastoralists on the Tibetan Plateau
    Camille Richard
  • Observations on Changes in Kazak Pastoral Use in Two Townships in Western China : A Loss of Traditions
    Don Bedunah and Richard Harris
  • Integrated Assessment of the Dynamics, Stability and Resilience of the Inner Mongolian Grazing Ecosystems
    Lindsey Christensen, Shauna BurnSilver and Michael Coughenour
  • The Administration and Practice of Leasehold Pastoralism in Turkmenistan
    Roy Behnke, Abdul Jabbar, Akmohammet Budanov and Grant Davidson
  • De-development in Eastern Kyrgyzstan and Persistence of Semi-nomadic Livestock Herding
    John D. Farrington
  • Pastoralism in the Gorno-Badakhshan Region of Tajikistan
    Sarah Robinson
Reports and Short Notices
  • Pastoral Mobility: A Review
    Hanne Kirstine Adriansen
2004 | Volume 08 | No. 2

Special Issue: Whither South Asian Pastoralism?
Guest Editors: Arun Agrawal and Vasant K. Saberwal (Guest Editors)

  • The Long Walk VI — «Lors du travail de terrain, il faut être comme un poisson dans l’eau»:
    Un entretien avec Joseph Tubiana Barbara Casciarri
  • Whither South Asian Pastoralism? An Introduction
    Arun Agrawal and Vasant K. Saberwal
  • Pastoral Practices and their Transformation in the North-Western Karakoram
    Hermann Kreutzmann
  • The Politics of Pashmina: The Changpas of Eastern Ladakh
    Monisha Ahmed
  • Himalayan Herding is Alive and Well: The Economics of Pastoralism in the Langtang Valley
    Colleen McVeigh
  • Van Gujjar: The Persistent Forest Pastoralists
    Pernille Gooch
  • Pastoralists Inside-Out: The Contradictory Conceptual Geography of Rajasthan’s Raika
    Paul Robbins
  • Indigenous versus Official Knowledge, Concepts and Institutions: Raika Pastoralists and the Outside World
    Ilse Köhler-Rollefson and Hanwant Singh Rathore
  • No Place Like Home: History, Politics and Mobility among a Pastoral Nomadic Community in Western India
    Farhana Ibrahim
Reports and Short Notices
  • Changpa Nomadic Pastoralists: Differing Responses to Change in Ladakh, North-West India
    Sarah Goodall
  • Vers une sédentarisation univoque? Le cas des éleveurs nomades de Kharnak, Ladakh, Himalaya occidental indien
    Pascale Dollfus
  • Can Pastoral Nomads Return to their Traditional Livelihood of Raising Livestock in the Registan Desert of Southern Afghanistan?
    A. Allan Degen and Noam Weisbrod
  • The Rezaigat Camel Nomads of the Darfur Region of Western Sudan: From Co-operation to Confrontation
    Adam Mohammed
  • Understanding Human Rights: Barriers in Understanding and Communication between the Wanniyala-Aetto of Sri Lanka and the International Community
    Wiveca Stegeborn
  • Livelihood Strategies of a Nomadic Hunting Community of Eastern Rajasthan
    Bahar Dutt
2004 | Volume 08 | No. 1
  • The Long Walk VI: An Interview with Robert Paine in Three Acts.
    Hugh Beach.
  • Ethnic Survival and the Siberian Khanty: On-going Transformations in Seasonal Mobility and Traditional Culture.
    Peter Jordan
  • The Disappearing Wanniyala-Aetto (‘Veddahs’) of Sri Lanka: A Case Study.
    Wiveca Stegeborn
  • Traveller Horses, Local Authorities and Public Policy in Contemporary Ireland.
    Brian P. Conway
  • Range Resource Assessment and Monitoring Techniques Among the Pastoral Bahima in Uganda.
    Emmanuel Kyagaba
  • The Role of Nomadic Camels for Manuring Farmers’ Fields in the Sokoto Close Settled Zone, Northwest Nigeria.
    Irene Hoffmann and Isiaka Mohammed
  • Forest Fire Control and Bedouin Pastoralism in Israel’s Afforested Drylands: A Cost Benefit Analysis.
    Henri Rueff, Gideon Kressel and Moshe Schwartz
2004 | Volume 07 | No. 2

Nomads and Nomadism in Post-Revolutionary Iran
Guest Editor: Soheila Shahshahani

  • The Long Walk V - An Interview with Fredrik Barth
    Aparna Rao
  • Preface
    Jean-Pierre Digard
  • Introduction
    Soheila Shahshahani
  • A Glance at the Pastoral Nomad's Census of 1998
    Ebrahim Mousavi-Nejad translated by Hamid Taqavipour
  • Tracing Ancient 'Nomads': Isotopic Research on the Origins of Vertical 'Transhumance' in the Zagros Region
    Marjan Mashkour
  • Personal Names and Naming in the Shahsavan-e Baghdadi Confederacy
    Ataollah Hassani translated by Hamid Taqavipour
  • Tranhumance or Settlement in Bakhtiari: Interview with Jafar Alipour
    Soheila Shahahshani translated by Hamid Taqavipour
  • Sustainable Development in the Bakhtiari Tribe
    Seyed Eskandar Saydaie translated by Hamid Taqavipour
  • Settlement in Talesh: Interview with Dariush Yaghoubi
    Soheila Shahshahani
  • At the Juncture of Two Modes of Subsistence: The Mamassani of Iran
    Soheila Shahshahani
  • Anthropological Fieldwork among Nomadic Pastoral Tribespeople of Southern Iran
    Mohammad Shahbazi
2003 | Volume 07 | No. 2

Mobile Peoples and Conservation
Guest Editor: Dawn Chatty

  • Introduction
    Dawn Chatty
  • Opening Address to the Conference at the Dana Nature Reserve, Jordan
    Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Talal
  • The Nature of Biodiversity Protection
    Jeffrey A. McNeely
  • Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas: Rights, Principles and Practice
    Marcus Colchester
  • Ethics of Access, Boundary Keeping and Forest Resource Management in Indonesian Borneo: Potential Tools for Conservation Work among Mobile Peoples
    Reed L. Wadley
  • Disequilibrial Ecosystems and Livelihood Diversification Among the Maasai of Northern Tanzania
    J. Terrence McCabe
  • Integrating Conversation and Development: A Namibian Case Study
    Margaret Jacobsohn and Garth Owen-Smith
  • Collaborative Wildlife Management and Adaptation to Change: the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Communal Reserve, Peru
    Helen Newing and Richard Bodmer
  • Present Migration Tendencies and Related Social and Environmental Impacts in Madagascar's Spiny Forest Ecoregion
    Mark Fenn and Flavian Rebara
  • Conflicts of Interest Over the Wadi Rum Reserve: Were They Avoidable?
    Geraldine Chatelard
  • Statement of Principles
    The Dana Declaration on Conservation and Mobile Indigenous Peoples [English, French and Spanish version]
    Signatories to the Dana Declaration
2002 | Volume 06 | No. 2
  • Spatial Distribution of Cattle Herds as a Response to Natural and Social Environments. A Case Study from the Zamfara Reserve, Northwest Nigeria
    Irene Hoffmann
  • Camels (Camelus dromedarius) under Pastoral Systems in North Kordofan, Sudan: Seasonal and Parity Effects on Milk Yield and Composition
    Faisal M. El-Hag, Sallam A. B. Sabiel, Abdelmoneim M. Abu Nikhaila, Mohamed ElKheir A. Ahmed and Muna M. M. Ahmed
  • Local Trends and Perceptions af Processes af Commoditisation in Central Sudan: The Response of the Ahâmda Pastoral System to State Pressures and Capitalist Dynamics
    Barbara Casciarri
  • Success at the Edge of the Land: Past and Present Challenges for Reindeer Herders in the West Siberian Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
    Florian Stammler
  • Pastoral Nomads, the State and a National Park: The Case of Dachigam, Kashmir
    Aparna Rao
  • Gujar Lifestyle and Conflict about Forest Use in the Pakistani Hindu Kush-Himalayas
    Sahibzada Irfanullah
  • The Religion and Social Organisation of Irish Travellers (Partt II): Cleanliness and Dirt, Bodies and Borders
    C.C.M. Griffin
  • Les techniques d'alimentation mongoles: manger, boire, goûter et lécher
    Gaëlle Lacaze
  • 'This is Ours': Rabari Tradition and Identity in a Changing World
    Judy Frater
Book Reviews
  • Hansen, Henny Harald (1993) Mongol Costumes
    Peter Andrews
  • Srivastava, Vinay Kumar (1997) Religious Renunciation of a Pastoral People.
    Caroline Dyer
  • Piasere, Leonardo (1999) Un mondo di mondi. Antropologia delle culture rom.
    Barbara Casciarri
2002 | Volume 06 | No. 1
  • The Long Walk IV. - Hunter-Gatherers and Anthropology: An Interview with James Woodburn
    Thomas Widlok
  • Commodity Trade, Gift Exchange, and the History of Maritime Nomadism in Southeastern Sabah
    Clifford Sather
  • The Religion and Social Organisation of Irish Travellers on a London Caravan Site (Part I)
    Chris C. M. Griffin
  • Image is Everything: The Development of the Negev Bedouin as a Tourist Attraction
    Steven Dinero
  • The Qashqa'i Nomads of Iran (Part II): State-Supported Literacyand Ethnic Identity
    Mohammad Shahbazi
  • The Demise of the Nomadic Contract: Arrangements and Rangelands under Pressure in the Far North of Cameroon
    Mark Moritz, Paul Scholte, Saïdou Kari
  • Pastoralists' Perceptions of Rangeland Degradation in Eastern Ethiopia
    Baars R.M.T. and Said Moussa Aptidon
  • Camel Husbandry Practices in Eastern Ethiopia: The Case of Jijiga and Shinile Zones
    Tezera Getahun and Kassa Belay
  • Collaborative Management in the Region of Lobéké, Cameroon: The Potentials and Constraints in Involving the Local Population in Protected Area Management
    Britta Jell and Jutta Schmidt Machado

Reports and Short Notices
  • Projet de conservation de la biodiversité par la transhumance dans le versant sur du Haut Atlas
  • Dana Declaration on Mobile Peoples and Conservation
2001 | Volume 05 | No. 2

Environment, Property Resources and the State
Guest Editors: Lioba Lenhart and Michael J. Casimir

  • Introduction
    Lioba Lenhart and Michael J. Casimir
  • Pastoralist-State Relationships among the Hadendowa Beja of Eastern Sudan
    Leif Manger
  • The Effect of Livestock Privatisation on Pastoral Land Use and Land Tenure in Post-Socialist Mongolia
    Maria Fernández-Giménez
  • Orang Suku Laut Communities at Risk: Effects of Modernisation on the Resource Base, Livelihood and Culture of the 'Sea Tribe People' of the Riau Islands (Indonesia)
    Lioba Lenhart
  • State's Margins, People's Centre: Space and History in the Southern Thai Jungles
    Annette Hamilton
  • Pastoral Tribes in the Middle East and Wildlife Conservation Schemes: The Endangered Species?
    Dawn Chatty
  • 'The Vast White Place': A History of the Etosha National Park in Namibia and the Hai//om
    Ute Dieckmann
  • Of Lions, Herders and Conservationists: Brief Notes on the Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat (Western-India)
    Michael J. Casimir
Reports and Short Notices
  • Tibetan Peoples and Landscapes
    Barbara Brower
  • Continental Meeting of the Roam People of the Americas
  • The Organisations and Kumpania Roma of the Americas
2001 | Volume 05 | No. 1
  • The Long Walk III - Pastoral Nomads and Anthropology: An Interview with Emanuel Marx
    Aref Abu-Rabia
  • Some Notes on Childhood in a South African Peripatetic Community
    Riana Steyn
  • The Qashqa`i Nomads of Iran (Part I): Formal Education
    Mohammad Shahbazi
  • Environmental Knowledge and Pastoral Migration among the Woðaaþe of South-Eastern Niger
    Nikolaus Schareika
  • The Importance of Pastoralists` Indigenous Coping Strategies for Planning Drought Management in the Arid Zone of Kenya
    Gufu Oba
  • L`élevage pastoral � une stratégie de survie pour les pays du Sahel? L`example somalien
    Jörg Janzen
  • Ambitious Plans and Unresponsive Sector: New Horizons for Pastoral Development in Sudan
    Hassan Mohammed Nur
  • Modern Technology and New Forms of Nomadism: Duck Herders in Southern India
    V. Arivudai Nambi
Reports and Short Notices
  • Changing Values among Mon Pa Pastoralists, and their Ecological Implications for Rangelands in the Eastern Himalaya
    Nehal A. Farooquee and K. S. Rao
  • Endangered Wanniyala-Aetto Women as Sex Slaves in the Middle East
    Wiveca Stegeborn
Book Reviews
  • Leonardo Piasere (ed.) 1996. Italia Romani. Vol. I. Rome: CISUCE
    Yaron Matras
  • Catriona Bass: 1998.  Education in Tibet: Policy and Practice Since 1950. London and New York: Tibet Information Network and Zed Books.
    Caroline Dyer
  • Aref Abu-Rabia: 1994. The Negev Bedouin and Livestock Rearing: Oxford:Berg Publishers
    Steven C. Dinero
  • Judy Frater: 1995. Threads of Identity. Embroidery and Adornmentof the Nomadic Rabaris. Ahmedabad: , Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd. and Middletown, N.J., Grantha, 1995.
    Peter A. Andrews
  • Gerd Spittler: 1998. Hirtenarbeit. Die Welt der Kamelhirten und Ziegenhirtinnen von Timia. Köln. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. Studien zur Kulturkunde Bd. 111.
    Michael Bollig
2000 | Volume 04 | No. 2

Employment and Unemployment among Bedouin
Guest Editor: Emanuel Marx

  • Employment and Unemployment among Bedouin
    Ann Gardner and Emanuel Marx
  • Employment in a Bedouin Community: The Case of the Town of Dahab in South Sinai
    Heba Aziz
  • At Home in South Sinai
    Ann Gardner
  • Bedouin Economics and the Modern Wage Market: The Case of the Harasiis of Oman
    Dawn Chatty
  • Employment and Unemployment among the Negev Bedouin
    Aref Abu-Rabia
  • Finding Ways to Make a Living: Employment among the Negev Bedouin
    Longina Jakubowska
  • Land and Work: Negev Bedouin Struggle with Israeli Bureaucracies
    Emanuel Marx
Book and Film Reviews
  • Emery Roe: 1999. Remaking Development, Rethinking Power. New Brunswick & London: Transaction Publishers.
    Gudrun Dahl
  • Minoti Chakravarty-Kaul: 1996. Common Lands and Customary Law. Institutional Change in North India over the Past Two Centuries. Delhi: Oxford University Press.
    Aparna Rao
  • T.T. Allsen: 1997. Commodity and Exchange in the Mongol Empire. A Cultural History of Islamic Textiles. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    Peter A. Andrews
  • Li, Cai and Gerald Weiner: 1997. The Yak. Bangkok, United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization;
    Daniel J. Miller, Sienna R. Craig, Greta Rana (eds.):1997.
  • Conservation and Management of Yak Genetic Diversity. Kathmandu: ICIMOD
  • Daniel J.Miller and Sienna Craig (eds.): 1997.
    Rangelands and Pastoral Development
    in the Hindukush-Himalayas. Kathmandu: ICIMOD;
  • Jürgen Lensch, Peter Schley, Rong-Chang Zhang (eds.): 1996.
    Der Yak (Bos grunniens) in Zentralasien.
    Berlin: Duncker and Humblodt.
    Nigel J. R. Allan
2000 | Volume 04 | No. 1
  • The Long Walk I.� An Interview with Anatoly M. Khazanov: Pastoral Nomads and Anthropology
    Jeffrey C. Kaufmann
  • Ambiguity in Law and Marginalisation: Sedentarised Nomads of the Southern Zagros Mountains of Iran
    Soheila Shahshahani
  • Management of Conflicts over Pasture and Fields among the Baggara Arabs of the Sudan Belt
    Ulrich Braukämper
  • Una Mirada Etnohistorica: Estrategias Económicas de una Comunidadde Gitanos
    Davíd Lagunas Arias
  • Environment and Resource Management among the San in Botswana
    Kazunobu Ikeya
  • Tough times for Tibetan nomads in Western China: Snowstorms, settling down, fences, and the demise of traditional nomadic pastoralism
    Daniel J. Miller
  • Restocking: A Critical Evaluation
    Claire Heffernan and Jonathan Rushton
  • Bedouin Households and Sheep Production in the Negev Desert, Israel
    A. Allan Degen, Roger W. Benjamin and Jan C. Hoorweg
  • Animal and Human Health among Semi-Nomadic Herdersof Central Mongolia: Brucellosis and the Bubonic Plague in Ovörhangay Aimag
    Peter M. Foggin, J. Marc Foggin and C. Shiirev-Adiya
1999 | Volume 03 | No. 2

East African Pastoralism at the Crossroads
Guest Editors: Elliot Fratkin and J. Terrence McCabe

  • East African Pastoralism at the Crossroads: an Introduction
    Elliot Fratkin and J.Terrence McCabe
  • Demographic Growth and Resource Exploitation in Two Pastoral Communities
    Michael Bollig and Hartmut Lang
  • Rich Man, Poor Man, Administrator, Beast: The Politics of Impoverishment in Turkana, Kenya 1890-1990
    Vigdis Broch-Due and Todd Sanders
  • Grounding Pastoralists: Law, Politics, and Dispossession in East Africa
    John G. Galaty
  • Conservation, Displacement, and Livelihoods: The Consequences of Eviction for Pastoralists Moved from the Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania
    Daniel Brockington
  • Economic Interaction in Pastoral Areas: Commercialisation and Social Change among Kenya's Maasai
    Fred Zaal
  • Women as Children: Culture, Political Economy and Gender Inequality among Kisongo Maasai
    Dorothy L. Hodgson
  • The Farming Alternative: Changing Age and Gender Roles among Sedentarised Rendille and Ariaal
    Kevin Smith
  • Pastoral Women and Sedentism: Milk Marketing in an Ariaal Rendille Community in Northern Kenya
    Judith D. Mitchell
  • Knowledge of AIDS among Ariaal Pastoralists of Northern Kenya
    Eric Abella Roth, Elliot Fratkin, Ann Y. Eastman, Lea M. Nathan
Reports and Short Notices
  • Report on the International Colloquium Nomads in the Sedentary World
    Anatoly M. Khazanov
  • Report on the 3rd European Symposium on South American Camelids and Supreme European Seminar
    Barbara Göbel
Book Review
  • Constance M. McCorkle, Evelyn Mathias and Tjaart W. Schillhorn van Veen (eds.): 1996.
    Ethnoveterinary Research and Development. London: Intermediate Technology Publications.
    Frank Krönke
1999 | Volume 03 | No. 1
  • Announcement of the Commission on Nomadic Peoples An Aboriginal Outstation Movement in Arnhem Land and the Perils of Advocacy Anthropology
    David Turner
  • Some Notes on Livestock Production Among Negev Bedouin Tribes
    Aref Abu Rabia
  • When Parrots transform to Bikes: Social Change Reflected in Rabari Embroidery Motifs.
    Judy Frater
  • Le chameau mongol: une vision productiviste pendant la période post-révolutionnaire
    Philippe Valdenaire
  • The Chang Pa of the Ladakh Himalayas: Some Observations on their Economy and Environment
    Prem Singh Jina
1998 | Volume 02 | Nos. 1 & 2
  • Editorial
    Casimir, Michael J.; Lancaster, William; Rao, Aparna
  • Introduction: Savoirs et Pouvoirs au Sahara
    Hélène Claudot-Hawad, Pierre Bonte
  • La Hiérarchie Des Savoirs et Des Pouvoirs Dans la Société Touarègue Précoloniale et la Recomposition Des Rôles Socio-Politiques Pendant la Guerre Anticoloniale et Après la Défaite
    Claudot-Hawad, Hélène
  • L'Ignorance Des Inesleman de la Tagaraygarayt Par le Pouvoir Colonial
    Walentowitz, Saskia
  • La Construction Coloniale D'Une Élite Touarègue
    Camel, Florence
  • Orphelins et Convertis
    Direche-Slimani, Karima
  • L'Élite Que Nous Avons Voulu Raccommoder Sur Les Cendres… Après la Création Des Etats Africains
    Claudot-Hawad, Hélène
  • Savoir Rester Nomade Sans Pouvoir L'Être
    Benfoughal, Tatiana
  • L'art et la Manière
    Hincker, Catherine
  • The Manipulation of Time
    Oxby, Clare
  • Amagal: Medicine, Healing and Power in Tuareg Caregiving Discourse
    Rasmussen, Susan J.
  • L'“Émir de la Paix”: Ahmed Uld M'hammed (1872-1891)
    Bonte, Pierre
  • Le Milieu Culturel et Social Des Fuqahâ Maures
    al-Bara, Yahya ould
  • Langues, Savoirs et Pouvoirs en Milieu Maure
    Taine-Cheikh, Catherine
  • Cherche Élite, Désespérement
    Cheikh, Abdel Wedoud ould
  • Sur la Formation Des Élites Politiques et la Mobilité Sociale en Mauritanie
    Salem, Zekeria ould Ahmed
  • La Puissance Politique du Nasab en Mauritanie Contemporaine
    Beauvais, Mariella Villasante-de
  • Report
1997 | Volume 1 | No. 2
  • Authors: Michael J. Casimir, William Lancaster, and Aparna Rao
  • Announcement of the Presentation of the IUAES Commission on Nomadic Peoples ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ to Professor Fredrik Barth
    Author: Philip Carl Salzman
  • Cultural Identity and Communal Politicisation in a Post-Nomadic Society: The Case of the Negev Bedouin
    Author: Steven C. Dinero
  • Methodology on the Move: Studying Itinerants and their Children
    Authors: Michael de Jongh and Riana Steyn
  • Tibetan Veterinary Medicine
    Author: Claire Heffernan
  • Pastoral Land Tenure Reform and Resource Management in Northern Xinjiang: A New Institutional Economics Perspective
    Author: Tony Banks
  • The Demand for Education among the Rabaris of Kutch, West India
    Authors: Caroline Dyer and Archana Choksi
  • From Hunter-Fisher-Gathering to Herder-Hunter-Fisher-Gathering in Prehistoric Times (Saharo-Sudanese Region)
    Authors: Maria Arioti and Clare Oxby
Book Review
  • Reviewed by: Nikolaus Schareika
1997 | Volume 1 | No. 1
  • Authors: Michael J. Casimir, William Lancaster, and Aparna Rao
  • Risk, Uncertainty and Pastoralism: An Introduction
    Authors: Michael Bollig and Barbara Göbel
  • Pastoral Risk Perception and Risk Definition for Altiplano Herders
    Author: David L. Browman
  • ‘You have to Exploit Luck’: Pastoral Household Economy and the Cultural Handling of Risk and Uncertainty in the Andean Highlands
    Author: Barbara Göbel
  • Risk and Uncertainty among the Maasai of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania: A case study in economic change
    Author: J. Terrence McCabe
  • Risk and Risk Minimisation among Himba Pastoralists in Northwestern Namibia
    Author: Michael Bollig
  • The Effect of Poverty on Risk Reduction Strategies of Fulani Nomads in Niger
    Author: Cynthia White
  • Risk, Agro-Pastoral Decision Making and Natural Resource Management in Fulbe Society, Central Mali
    Author: Han van Dijk
  • Transhumance – A Pastoral Response to Risk and Uncertainty in the Himalayas
    Author: Minoti Chakravarty-Kaul
  • Reproductive Decisions by Gabbra Pastoralists in the Face of Demographic Risks
    Author: Ruth Mace and Rebecca Sear
  • Espaces et Societes Sahelo-Sahariens: Les Configurations de L'Alterite Nomade. Une nouvelle équipe de recherches pluridisciplinaires sur les sociétés nomades: historique du projet et travaux en cours.
1978 - 1996
We are pleased to offer a full-text archive of all the issues prior to 1997.