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Nomadic Peoples Journal

The Editor, Saverio Kr├Ątli.

Nomadic Peoples is the official journal of the Commission on Nomadic Peoples, part of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES).

Nomadic Peoples is a peer-refereed international academic journal, published by The White Horse Press, Isle of Harris, UK.

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Aims and Scope

Founded in the 1970s, the Journal Nomadic Peoples has a long and respected position in the scholarship devoted to peoples who maintain a mobile way of life. The journal's aim is to deal with all types of nomadic peoples, such as pastoral nomads, foragers, peripatetics (gypsies), and so-called sea nomads. Its aim is to provide the scientific community and the general public with new research on past and current aspects of the societies of mobile peoples, including their interactions with nation states and the wider society, development interventions and the global economy.

The journal crosses disciplinary and functional specializations, from academics to administrators and practitioners, and is international in geographical spread, as nomadic or recently-mobile peoples are found on all the continents. Since its establishment, the Journal has expanded its scope to encompass natural science perspectives on nomadic peoples along side anthropological and ethnological ones. Contributors and consulting editors include anthropologists as well as ecologists, economists, range and livestock scientists, policy-makers, and development operators.

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