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Chair's report 2016

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Letter from the Chair CNP 2016 Report

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Commission involvement at IUAES2016: World anthropologies and privatisation of knowledge: engaging anthropology in public

The 2016 Inter-Congress of the IUAES in Dubrovnik was an exciting and productive event. The Commission on Nomadic Peoples sponsored five panels with a total of thirty nine papers presented. The panels were:

  • P318: Pastoral Nomads: Comparisons between Continents (Chaired by Philip Carl Salzman)
  • P324: Pastoralists and Nomads Today (Chaired by Elliot Fratkin and Kazunobo Ikeya)
  • P396: ‘Gypsies’, ‘Nomads’, ‘Roma’: Transformations and strategic uses of political and cultural categorisations concerning Roma and Sinti populations in Italy over the last fifty years (Chaired by Stefania Pontrandolfo and Marco Solimene)
  • P441: Lands of the future. Pastoralist knowledge in a globalizing world (Chaired by Christina Gabbert)
  • P718: The Cost of Crossing: Exploring Power through Boundaries (Chaired by Ariell Ahearn and Emilia Sulek.)

The final program from Dubrovnik IUAES inter-congress is downloadable here.