Nomadic Peoples 25.1 is Now Online!

A message from Saverio Krätli, editor of Nomadic Peoples:

Nomadic Peoples 25.1 is online:


This issue includes four articles, a special section on ‘pastoralism, development and climate change’, four research reports and two book reviews. The articles are about pastoral spaces and mechanisms of sedentarisation amongst the Bedouin of the Israeli Negev; the interplay of state-assisted settlement, land speculation and politically loaded nomadic identity amongst former nomadic pastoralists in Jordan; the relationship between mobile pastoralists and the new organised and armed non-state actors in the Sahel (Niger); and economic diversification amongst nomadic Dukha (Tsaatan) reindeer herders in the most northern region of Mongolia.

 Two of the research reports look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on pastoralists, respectively in Mongolia and in Ethiopia. Of the other two, one presents an innovative programme of legal assistance to pastoralists in the Sahel, and one is about the politics behind the recent attention received by pastoral nomads in the Indian Himalayas and Pir Panjals. Finally, the reviewed books are about the politics of gold mining in Mongolia between neoliberalisation and indigenisation, and about deep-rooted socio-economic change and continuity in Turkana (Kenya).

The special section on ‘pastoralism, development and climate change’ is a collection of eight reflections by scholars of pastoralism following the launch of David Attenborough’s latest call about climate change. White Horse Press has kindly made this entire section freely accessible.

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