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19th Webinar: Global Editors I

WAU – 19th World Anthropological Union Webinar Global Editors: Anthropological Journals in the World Today  Thursday, March 23, 2pm UTC Convenor: Clara Saraiva, WCAA Web

18th Webinar: Middle Eastern Women

18th WAU Webinar Middle Eastern Women February 13th, 2023, 2 pm UTC. Participants: Nadia Aghatie, University of Bristol, UK Nasim Basiri, Oregon State University, USA

13th WCAA Webinar – Anthropology and Gender

WCAA – World Council of Anthropological Associations 13th Webinar Anthropology and Gender Debate/ Roundtable Thursday, February 24, 2pm UTC Clara Saraiva, WCAA Convenor Michel Bouchard,

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