Empires, Borders and Wards: The Anthropological Take on Events in Ukraine – Debate/ Roundtable

World Council of Anthropological Associations SPECIAL WEBINAR

Thursday, March 3, 2pm UTC
6 am, Canada (Vancouver); 2 pm, Edinburgh; 4 pm, Helsinki; 5 pm, St. Petersburg

Meeting ID: 629 8513 5849
Passcode: 228639

Live Broadcast (Facebook): https://fb.me/e/6bPIjlBPK
Live Broadcast (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH37_UTUA8JcnXrq89TE2FQ


Michel Bouchard, WCAA

Clara Saraiva, Michel Bouchard & Virginia R. Dominguez
Web Mediators


Michel Bouchard, University of Northern British Columbia
Tina Polek, EASA Member and Co-Founder of the “Centre for Applied Anthropology”
Maria Sonevytsky, Bard College
Emily Channell-Justice, Director of the Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program, Harvard University

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