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Commission involvement at IUAES2003

A total of seventeen papers were presented over two days at the Commission on Nomadic Peoples' session at Xvth IUAES Congress (Humankind/Nature Interaction: Past, Present and Future) held in Florence, 7th and 8th July 2003.

These papers formed part of three principle panels:

  1. Nomads and Education. Convenor: Caroline Dyer, caroline.dyer(at)man.ac.uk.
  2. Economic Change and Social Dynamics in Pastoral, Agro-pastoral and Pastro-forager Societies. Convened by Michael Bollig, michael.bollig(at)uni-koeln.de.
  3. Also a general panel convened by Dawn Chatty incorporating the following themes: 
    Are Nomads Egalitarian? Or is Inequality Universal? 
    Applied Research for the Survival of Shepherding and Prospects for Pastoralism after Decollectivisation in Central Asia

There is a full schedule of presentations for the Florence programme and the collected abstracts.

A General Business Meeting of the Commission was held at the close of the session on July 8th. Please see here for the meeting agenda.